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On this date 3 years ago we started this little podcast and we’re going stronger than ever. This week we are going to going to step away from WWII and look into the War Time Service of Jim Marino who found himself serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

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This week we are joined by RJ Nevens and Ed Soares to get an update on the book and short film Walking Point via their booth at the 2019 AKC dog show. Jeremy Petrella Joins us via the phone for an update on This years Event in Lakeland Ga.


K9 Duke
Jeremy Petrella
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This week we re-visit EP 22 With Sam Dittmann talking about her visit to Pear Harbor and The USS Arizona Memorial 


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My Trip to the National Museum Of The Pacific War.

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W.T.S.P. Ugly Christmas Shirt

This Christmas save the Red Ryder BB gun for the Dumb Kid down the street and let Santa know what you really want with the W.T.S.P. Ugly Christmas Shirt.

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EP- 58

On This weeks episode Jack Spitler joins me to talk about his time in the United States Marine Corps, Living History, and we talk about the 75th Anniversary of Peleliu in Fort Morgan Alabama.

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This week we are joined by underwater photographer Katy Morris to discuss her recent trip to Guam / Peleliu and how the War still has an impact on the Islands today.

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Photo by Katy Morris
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News update on the famous Iwo Jima flag raising photo. We’re on location for an interview with George Peschen to discuss his time in the United States Army Air Corps.

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On this week’s episode we give you a sneak peak of the new Springfield Armory M1 Carbine BB Gun. We are joined via the phones from Washington state by WWII Vet Keith Anderson to talk about his time as a pilot in the 398th Bomb Group during WWII.

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Springfield Armory M1 Carbine BB Gun Review.