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    Mail Call!!

    “Connecting with our incredible listeners like never before! 💌 As we sift through the overflowing inbox packed with your amazing mails, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. And guess what? We…

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    This week Don, Henry, Jeff, and Luke Schuetzle sit down to discuss Luke’s latest project, Making WWII-Themed Movies, Living History, “What Ya’ Readin?”, plus much more. Listen / More

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    First Hand Accounts.

    Excellent episode last week with Marcus Brotherton and the Bataan Death March.Recently a coworker shared with me the short memoir of her grandfather’s brother, PFC James H. Cowen, USAAF. He felt compelled to…

  • New Episode


    Don and Henry sit down to discuss books, Mail Call, We do another give-away live on the show. We talk about The 17th Airborne, The Navy Ice Cream Barge, plus much more. Listen…

  • New Episode


    This week, Don, Jeff, and Henry are joined by author Marcus Brotherton to discuss his new book ( along with Tosca Lee ) “The Long March Home” the tale of the survival of…

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    EP-112 Re-Deploy Episode.

    Military Historian, Liberty Jump Team member, and Documentarian Scott Freud joins us this week to talk about things WWII, How he came across “Un-Seen” Pearl Harbor footage, Jumping out of a c47 over…

  • New Episode


    This week we are joined by Jared Frederick for his 5th appearance to discuss his trip to the Pacific. Listen / More