In this riveting episode of the What’s The Scuttlebutt Podcast, hosts Don and Jeff are joined by special guests Gene Guarnere and Debi Rafferty. Together, they delve into the remarkable story of Gene’s father and Debi’s grandfather, the legendary World War II Veteran, William “Wild Bill” Guarnere. As they reminisce about Bill’s life before the war and reflect on the profound influence of the book and HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers” on their family, listeners gain deeper insights into the extraordinary journey of Wild Bill. From his heroic deeds as a member of Company E, 506 PIR of the 101st Airborne Division to the enduring legacy he left behind, this episode offers a compelling exploration of courage, sacrifice, and familial bonds amidst the backdrop of one of history’s most pivotal conflicts. Join them as they uncover the untold tales and enduring spirit of a true American hero.

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Debi and Bill.

Gene Guarnere