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  • New Episode

    EP-146 P1

    Part one of this two part episode, Jeff, Don, and Henry get caught up with one another. Jeff shares with us some great gifts he received from a listener / friend including a…

  • New Episode


    This week we sit down with Dennis R Blocker II to discuss WWII Movies, Books, The Pacific, Band Of Brothers, plus much more. Listen / More

  • New Episode


    This week Don, Jeff, and Henry discuss the Battle of Okinawa and the Shuri defense Line, Jeff gives us a look into the services of Sgt. Cecil M. Holekamp, Mail Call, plus much…

  • New Episode


    This week We play of clip of Henry talking about how important dogs are and were to his family, Don is super excited to talk about the TV Series “Rouge Hero’s” and the…

  • New Episode


    This week The entire crew is back together including return Guest Gallen Wagner to discuss the up coming 80th anniversary of Tarawa even in Fort Morgan Alabama, This Date in WWII, Mail Call,…

  • New Episode


    Don and Henry are back for the New Year with a little catch up, Battle of The Bulge, The 99th Division, The 2nd Infantry Division, Mail Call, Plus Much more. Listen / More

  • New Episode


    Don and Henry discuss his attendance at the 15th international WWII Conference, the battle of Tarawa, plus much more. Listen / More

  • Re-Deployment

    Redeployment EP 101

    This week we are joined by author and Historian John C. McManus to discuss, WWII, the process of writing his books, Talks of Operation Market Garden, The PTO, plus much more. Listen /…

  • New Episode


    This week, Don, Henry, and Jeff, sit down and discus memories of 9-11 and what we were at when we heard the news. Listen / More

  • New Episode


    This week Don and Henry sit down and discuss the Dieppe raids, Robert Leckie, plus much more. Listen / More