Join host Jeff Copsetta in this captivating episode as he sits down with esteemed guest host Dennis Blocker to delve into the extraordinary world of the Flying Tigers and the valuable lessons he gained while researching the lives of WWII veterans for his writing projects. The Flying Tigers, officially known as the American Volunteer Group (AVG), played a crucial role during World War II. Dennis Blocker, an acclaimed historian and author, shares fascinating insights into the origins, achievements, and challenges faced by this legendary group of aviators. Together, Jeff and Dennis explore the lesser-known aspects of their contribution to the war effort and their impact on shaping history. Delving deeper into Dennis Blocker’s experiences as a researcher, listeners gain a unique perspective on the process of gathering research materials for writing books. Dennis shares valuable tips and strategies that he has acquired throughout his career, including the importance of firsthand accounts, archival research, and personal interviews with WWII veterans. Discover the significance of honoring these brave individuals and preserving their stories for future generations. The discussion takes an exciting turn as Jeff and Dennis touch upon the realm of WWII movies. They delve into the accuracy, impact, and cinematic representation of this pivotal period in history. With their wealth of knowledge and passion, they analyze some notable films and discuss the challenges filmmakers face in capturing the true essence of the war. Tune in to this episode filled with captivating stories, historical insights, and thought-provoking discussions as Jeff Copsetta and guest host Dennis Blocker bring you closer to the extraordinary world of the Flying Tigers, the invaluable lessons learned while researching WWII veterans, and the power of WWII movies in shaping our understanding of the past. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened by this engaging conversation between two passionate individuals who seek to shed light on the remarkable stories and lessons from the World War II era.

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