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This week on The What’s The Scuttlebutt Podcast, hosts Don and Dennis delve deeper into the pivotal role of the Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) during the Pacific Campaigns of World War II. Joined by esteemed LCI enthusiast and author Zach S. Morris, the trio continues their riveting discussion on the significance and impact of LCIs in wartime operations.

Zach S. Morris, renowned for his authoritative work in the field, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As the author of the acclaimed book When the Beaches Trembled: The Incredible True Story of Stephen Ganzberger and the LCIs in World War II, Morris provides invaluable insights into the heroic endeavors of those who served aboard these vessels.

Not only is Morris a distinguished author, but he also holds the esteemed position of editor-in-chief of “LST Scuttlebutt,” the esteemed quarterly magazine newsletter of the U.S. Landing Ship Tank (LST) Association.

His editorial prowess was further showcased during his tenure as editor-in-chief of “Elsie Item,” the quarterly magazine newsletter of the USS Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) National Association from 2014 to 2016. A Michigan State University alumnus, Morris’s multifaceted career extends beyond his literary achievements. As an award-winning senior financial analyst and certified screenwriter based in Los Angeles and Michigan, his expertise adds depth to the discussion. Listeners can expect an enriching exploration of the lesser-known yet indispensable contributions of LCIs in the theater of war.

With Morris’s profound understanding and Don and Dennis’s engaging hosting, The What’s The Scuttlebutt Podcast promises an episode brimming with historical intrigue and reverence for those who served. Tune in as these LCI aficionados unravel the captivating narrative of bravery and resilience that defined the era, and discover why The What’s The Scuttlebutt Podcast continues to be a beacon for enthusiasts and historians alike.