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USMC Helmet Cover Edition Shirt.

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On this week’s episode we take a look back and a New York Times Headline from Dec 12th 1941, We talk about the Crossman M1 Carbine BB Gun, and Kevin Owens from The 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Lewis joins us to talk about living History and Reenacting in the Lt. Louis Area.

M1 Carbine BB Gun Video


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On this week’s episode Jeremey Petrella joins us to discuss The Holiday Season and it’s impact on our troops, His event coming up in January in Lakeland Georgia, and more.


Event Page


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This Christmas save the Red Ryder BB gun for the Dumb Kid down the street and let Santa know what you really want with the ALL NEW W.T.S.P. Ugly Christmas Shirt.
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On this week’s episode we do a final wrap on the Fort Morgan 75th Anniversary of The  Tarawa Landings.

Galen Wagner joins us for the first half of the show then we complete the episode with the “Post Landing” interview with Brandon Deshotel.


Fox Company, 7th Regiment, 3rd Division Reenacted 


Galen Wagner                               Brandon Deshotel




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W.T.S.P. Airborne Shirt

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Fort Morgan P1.

This week’s episode we have gone mobile and record the show from the cab of the Tacoma on site in Fort Morgan Alabama for the 75th Anniversary of the Tarawa Landings on Nov 2nd 1942. Joining us on this episode is Brandon Deshotel , Tom Czekanski, and Brandon Taylor. We talk about the weekend leading up the event, Tom talks about his time working for the WWII museum in New Orleans, and post landing thoughts with Brandon.



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This week we are join by College History Teacher / Reenactor Jeremy Petrella to discuss teaching History to modern day College Students, How he got involved in WWII reenacting, The Signal Corps, and a new event Jeremy is organizing in Lakeland Georgia.

Mike Santana joins us to talk about the upcoming event in Vero Beach Florida, plus much more.

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LakeLand Event Page

Vero Beach Page.


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The WTSP is back and this week we sit down with author Clay Bonnyman Evans to discuss his book Bones Of My Grandfather and the upcoming 75th Anniversary of the Tarawa landings at Fort Morgan Al.




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All episodes are now online with our new host and all episodes can be downloaded via our site or steam or downloaded via Itunes & Stitcher.