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W.T.S.P -EP-39

This week we talk about the Re-Launch of “Catch 22”, the location of the USS Hornets resting place, and we are joined by Robert Kastelic from Round Canopy Parachuting Team to talk about how you could find yourself doing static line jumps out of a C47.




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On This episode we do a little first anniversary celebration, We talk about The impact Day Light Savings Time had on the war effort, The advent of Super Glue, and remember Medal of Honor Winner Sergeant First Class Edward Allen Carter Jr. and finally we try to simplify this history behind the “Lift and Lot” number stamped under your M1 Helmet Visor.

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On this week’s episode we take the original interview we did with Fritz Lennenbach and processed it down to try and eliminate the echo and background noise to make it more enjoyable. We’ve had a few people tell us it’s a hard listen. This is such a great interview we really wanted our listeners to hear Fritz story.


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This week we are join by College History Teacher / Reenactor Jeremy Petrella to discuss teaching History to modern day College Students, How he got involved in WWII reenacting, The Signal Corps, and a new event Jeremy is organizing in Lakeland Georgia.

Mike Santana joins us to talk about the upcoming event in Vero Beach Florida, plus much more.

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LakeLand Event Page

Vero Beach Page.