“Conspiracies of the Past: Great Depression, Bonus Army & the ‘Business Plan’ with Colin Heaton” W.T.S.P. EP -166 In this riveting episode of the “What’s the Scuttlebutt” podcast, your host, Don, embarks on a captivating one-on-one conversation with Colin Heaton, an accomplished author, former Marine sniper, and distinguished historian. Join us as we delve deep into the annals of history to uncover secrets, scandals, and conspiracies that shaped a nation during the tumultuous era of the Great Depression. Colin Heaton’s extensive knowledge and expertise take us on a journey through a pivotal period in American history, focusing on three crucial elements that often remain shrouded in mystery: The Run on the Banking System during the Great Depression: Explore the heart-wrenching tales of economic collapse, panicked depositors, and the dire circumstances that led to the infamous bank runs during the Great Depression. Uncover the grim realities faced by ordinary citizens and the far-reaching consequences that still resonate in modern financial discussions. The March of the Bonus Army: Witness the extraordinary story of the Bonus Army, a group of World War I veterans who marched on Washington, D.C. in 1932 to demand payment for their service. Discover the struggles, hardships, and the ultimate clash with authorities that defined this poignant moment in American history.

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The ‘Business Plan’ Conspiracy: Enter the intriguing world of political intrigue as we unravel the enigmatic ‘Business Plan.’ Colin Heaton reveals how this conspiracy aimed to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt, replace him with the legendary General Smedley D. Butler, and influence the course of the American government. Unearth the details of this audacious plot, its key players, and its implications for the nation. Join Don and Colin Heaton as they dissect these historical events, unveiling the stories that helped shape the United States during one of its most challenging periods. Together, they shed light on the past, providing a deeper understanding of the complex forces that shaped the nation, while offering a unique perspective on how conspiracies and plots have woven themselves into the fabric of American history. Tune in for a thought-provoking and engaging episode that will leave you with a fresh appreciation for the history and secrets that lie beneath the surface. Don’t miss “Conspiracies of the Past: The Great Depression, Bonus Army March, and the ‘Business Plan’ with Colin Heaton” on the “What’s the Scuttlebutt” podcast tonight!

Top Left : with Wolfgang Falck – Top Middle: with Walter Krupinski, Frau Krupinski, Jon Guttman – Top Right: with Heinz Ewald & Son (Walter Krupinski’s wingman) Bottom: with Eduard Neumann (Marseille’s last C.O.), Rall

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  • It is 8:30 a.m. on September 15, 1944 as the Marines of King Company churn onto Peleliu. Vehicle exhaust, gun smoke, and burning vegetation choke the air as Japanese artillery and mortars pound the pre-sighted beaches. Machine gun bullets rip across the sand as Eugene Sledge, in his baptism of fire, trails veteran R.V. Burgin.Sent to capture Peleliu’s airfield from an enemy of unknown strength, the men of K-3-5 and their brothers of the 1st Marine Division know they are in the fight of their lives. But, for now, only one thought echoes through their minds: Get off the beach!

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