In this captivating episode of What’s The Scuttlebutt Podcast, hosts Don and Jeff are joined by a remarkable guest, living historian Robert Tidwell.

The episode kicks off with an intriguing exploration of how Robert Tidwell found his way into the world of WWII reenacting. Listeners are treated to a firsthand account of the pivotal moment that ignited his passion for bringing history to life through reenactments. With enthusiasm and vivid anecdotes, Tidwell paints a vivid picture of the camaraderie and dedication that fuel the reenacting community.

Tidwell’s versatility takes center stage as the conversation delves into his multiple impressions, including the larger-than-life General Douglas MacArthur. He shares the meticulous process of crafting an authentic portrayal, from studying historical records to perfecting the mannerisms and speech patterns of his chosen characters. Don and Jeff guide the discussion through the challenges and rewards of embodying these influential figures on the battlefield of historical reenactments.

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