On this week’s episode of “What’s the Scuttlebutt” podcast, the gang officially welcomes a new member to the crew—Dennis Blocker! Join hosts Don, Jeff, and Dennis as they dive deep into the fascinating world of researching material for writing books on WWII. The trio shares personal insights into the profound impact one experiences when holding and reading letters from the front lines, offering a unique perspective on the human stories behind the historical events. In a special segment, the team reads a review on the highly anticipated Mini Series “Masters of The Air,” providing listeners with a sneak peek into the latest wartime drama. Jeff takes center stage during the “WhatCha Readin” segment, revealing a treasure trove of books he’s currently immersed in. Don’t miss out on this week’s installment, packed with historical intrigue, book recommendations, TV series reviews, and much more. “What’s the Scuttlebutt” is your go-to podcast for a delightful blend of history, literature, and pop culture. Subscribe now for your weekly dose of riveting discussions!

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