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On this week’s episode we give you a sneak peak of the new Springfield Armory M1 Carbine BB Gun. We are joined via the phones from Washington state by WWII Vet Keith Anderson to talk about his time as a pilot in the 398th Bomb Group during WWII.

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On this week’s episode we discuss the history of Japanese immigration to the Untied States and the territory of Hawaii, and Al Prentice joins us to discuss his recent travels to Normandy France for the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion, his love for the History of WWII, reenacting, plus much more.

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We are back from a short Hiatus, I bring everyone up to speed on a side project I am working on, and Historian Jared Frederick returns to the show to promote his new book ‘Dispatches of D-Day: A People’s History of The Normandy Invasion”.

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On this episode we are joined by Neil Dahlstrom from John Deere to discuss John Deere’s contribution to the War Efforts going back to the civil war, plus the formation of the John Deere battalion during WWII.

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This week we are joined by Brian Domitrovich to talk about his trips to Guadalcanal and a brief history of the Action that took place in the South Pacific.


Brian Domitrovich
Brian Domitrovich with a “Pig Tail”
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On this week’s episode: a brief History of Lt. Reba Whittle and then we are joined by EMT, Signer, and Living Historian Elizabeth Dillard of “The Dillard Sisters” to discuss how she was introduced to 1940’s Music, Living History, and The National Museum Of The Pacific War.


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This week Don talks briefly about his experience setting up a D-Day Living History Display at the US Army 244th Birthday Dinner Ball, Then we go back to the National Museum Of The Pacific War to interview Resident living Historian and United States Marine Corp Vet, Perry “Gunny” Monroe to talk about the “Program” at the Pacific Combat zone and to discuss WWII and Japanese battle traditions, plus much more.

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This week it’s the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy France, Don is fresh off of his trip to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg Texas, and our first interview recorded on location with Aaron Verinder.

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Aaron Verinder
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This week we are joined once again by Galen Wagner to Promote the up coming event on Nov 2nd in Fort Morgan Alabama to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Peleliu.


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This week we talk with Dixie Denier about her up coming Burlesque show ‘ Dixie D’s USO Jubilee: An Immersive 1940’s Canteen, as well as how she got started in performing and her connection to Living History.

Our second guest is Byron “Cooky” Vinyard of the Tri-State Living History Association to discuss the History and the importance of the Field Kitchen during WWII and Living History Events as well as how he fell into the hobby. Byron will have his full kitchen display set up as well as feeding the troops during the National Museum Of The Pacific War’s WWII Weekend
May 17 – 27 .

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