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Patreon November Give-Away!

End of November we are giving away the first of two prints from our friends over at Valor Studios. These two prints are coming out of the collection of Henry Sledge and have been in his possession since their release.

Description from Valor Studios website.

It is 8:30 a.m. on September 15, 1944 as the Marines of King Company churn onto Peleliu. Vehicle exhaust, gun smoke, and burning vegetation choke the air as Japanese artillery and mortars pound the pre-sighted beaches. Machine gun bullets rip across the sand as Eugene Sledge, in his baptism of fire, trails veteran R.V. Burgin.

Sent to capture Peleliu’s airfield from an enemy of unknown strength, the men of K-3-5 and their brothers of the 1st Marine Division know they are in the fight of their lives. But, for now, only one thought echoes through their minds: Get off the beach!