The WWII Jungle Sweater: The Recreation of and Iconic War Garment.

On this Clip Don delves into the intricate world of historical garment reproduction with special guests Charles W McFarlane and Josh Kerner. Together, they unravel the fascinating process of resurrecting a WWII garment from the annals of history and breathing life into it once more, all while balancing authenticity and affordability.

Charles and Josh, driven by their shared passion for living history, garments, and the WWII era, embarked on a remarkable journey to recreate the iconic WWII Jungle Sweater for an upcoming WWII USMC reenactment. Their dedication to accuracy and attention to detail shines through as they recount the challenges and triumphs of this ambitious endeavor. Furthermore, listeners are treated to a candid discussion as Charles and Josh share their insights on the current landscape of WWII reenactment gear.